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Propping up a dodgy memory

It's for me to keep track of myself

Stephanie Bateman-Graham
This is my personal blog. While I am a professional business and technical writer, this is where I let my hair down, so unless specified please do not assess my writings here with any commercial seriousness.

LinkedIn Public Profile for work stuff: http://www.linkedin.com/in/stephbg

My Facebook profile has a more up-to-date list of interests and whims. It's where I tend to share interesting links and post actual status updates: http://www.facebook.com/stephbg

I am on Twitter as @stephbg where I make random statements and engage in chat.

I am on Dreamwidth as stephbg. I don't cross-post, but I do comment over there. Some friends are migrating to DW and I don't want to lose them.

I am on Google+ because that's what the cool kids are doing. Some friends are migrating from Facebook and I don't want to lose them.

Born Perth, Western Australia 1970.
Educated Newman College (1987), UWA, studied cognitive psychology, member of UniSFA
Married 1993 to present to Husband Matthew, jazz musician and tour guide.
Non-programmer geek girl
Regular Swancon attendee
Cat mother

Friending policy
I believe the title and functionality of the lj "friends" feature do not match. I think of it more as a 'I'd like to read these journals on a regular basis. There's a reasonable probability that these are actually people I'd count as friends or interesting acquaintences, but maybe not'.

Having said that, please friend and defriend me as you wish.

I've not yet done it, but I am most likely to defriend you if you consistently neglect to use lj-cuts (and thus clutter up my Friends page) and/or I have a Whim.

If you defriend me I'd appreciate a brief explanation.

Commenting policy
I have an unfortunate addiction to lj comments. Please feed my addiction, particularly if you are amused by an anecdote/rant/whine with no otherwise apparent request for feedback. I like writing them, and I've developed a desire to know if someone's reading them.

I like to comment on other people's blogs, particularly if I know they also enjoy the feedback. A lurker I ain't. Sometimes my responses are well thought out, useful or even touching. Sometimes I am struck dumb by helplessness and can only offer *hugs*. Sometimes I can't feel my fingers when I type and it's a bit incoherent. Whatever the quality of my response, I do it because I care and want you to know that you are not alone in this life.