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Welcome to the journal of stephbg

One day this will become my Welcome post. But not this day. It's a work in progress, like me.

Looking for rock posts and pictures? Here they are.

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Looking for cat posts and pictures? See Pumpkin. | Princess. | Cally.


A rough guide to 2010



Australian Computer Society (ACS): A professional association of which I am an active member, when I am able to do so.
Beige: My food. I have all sorts of chemical sensitivities and have discovered the benefits of a bland diet. See also Royal Prince Albert Hospital Allergy Unit Elimination Diet.
Big Brother (BB): My eldest and only brother, sadly lost to us by way of brain cancer in 2008.
Cally: My cat. Domestic shot hair; grey with white marks. Looks like Hitler. Was clearly influenced by this. Evil. Old. Possibly immortal. Named for a character in Blake's 7
Eldest Sister: The eldest of my elder sisters, rarely seen in the wild.
The folks (aka M&D): My Mother and Father. The folks' place is where they live, and where I grew up.
Husband: The man to whom I am married. He is a musician and prison tour guide.
London-Based Sister (LBS): The youngest of my elder sisters, who lives in London.
Middle Sister: The middlingest of my elder sisters, mother of my three nieces.
Princess Twinkle Toes (aka Princess): My cat. Domestic long hair; white with tortie patches. Nervous. Demanding. Prone to self harm.
Pumpkin: My cat. Birman blue point. Very fluffy. Very thick. Very friendly.
Riding For the Disabled (RDA): Wonderful organisation that puts horses into the hands of those who need them most. I volunteer at the local stables whenever I can, which is not nearly often enough, so I tend to get a bit excited when I manage a visit. I like horsies.
Sector 7: My house
Spoons: A measure of the energy reserves with which a chronically ill person has in hand for that day. See this article. Spoons can not be earned, only consumed. To an extent they can be saved, but with many losses. Normal people do not need to count spoons, no matter how tired they get; with normal rest and feeding they will get their energy back.
Swancon: An annual convention and writer's festival held in Perth, Western Australia for lovers of science/speculative/fantasy/horror etc fiction. Also used to describe the community of regular members, many of whom have been kicking around for decades now and show no signs of growing up. A dominant force in my life.
Work: I am a technical and business writer and analyst by trade. I am a self-employed contractor, so "work" is wherever and whatever I'm doing at the time. Due to ill health, this doesn't happen nearly as often as I'd like.

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